Digital Marketing Case Studies

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Case Study 1 | E-commerce Growth (B2C)

Alessandro was our long-standing client for the whole SEO part. After the latest changes to his e-commerce, he found visibility problems, so he asked us to intervene with an advanced audit to understand the problems and study an SEO strategy to improve its visibility.

Our activity focused exclusively on the SEO optimisation of the portal, analysing all the technical and strategic aspects.

+65% sessions to the website

+35% conversions

+49% revenue increase

01. Increase of organic traffic

Thanks to a comprehensive and advanced SEO Audit, it was possible to identify technical problems with the site. The SEO optimisation not only increased the number of keywords on the first page, but also improved the search intent by generating an increase in site visibility.

All technical SEO aspects made it possible to recruit profiled visitors and increase the e-commerce conversion rate.

02. Increase of revenues

Thanks to optimization, the website increased 65% of organic traffic. 

We analyzed users intents and theirs navigational behaviours + specific keywords research and created a content plan. 

During this period, the client increased his revenues of +49% compared to the previous year.

Case Study 2 | Lead Generation (B2B)

 “We have to find a method to get new clients: we would like to use Digital Marketing as our sales team.” Francesco, Managing Director, said to us.

Tecsaving had only a website: no social media, no promotional activity, no visibility Today Facebook Ads is the first channel of revenue, followed by SEO.

+150% sessions to the website

450 new leads in 6 months

+50 keywords in the 1st page

01. Business Growth thanks to Landing Page A/B Test Landing Page and CRO: -30% cost per Lead

We started creating two different landing pages to do A/B test and CRO analysis.

Once we identified the best landing page, we’ve set up the strategy to get not only several leads but qualified ones.

Tests after tests we found the best solution for our client.

02. Revenue increase thanks to Facebook Ads

We’ve run Google Ads and Bing Ads, Linkedin Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns: after six months of testing and analysis, we’ve found that Facebook Ads was the best performing channel (yes, Facebook for a B2B business!).

Also now Facebook Ads is the first main channel that drives conversions: prospects who fill the form to get a quotation

We’ve tested:

  • campaigns goals
  • audiences
  • ads copy and visual
  • CTAs
03. Important keywords in the first page of Google

We’ve realized an Audit SEO, a market research and a keyword research that have shown how much people were searching for industrial ai conditioning.

We started working on SEO:

  • OnPage
  • OffPage, with strategical Link Earning, writing SEO articles, publishing them into authoritative magazine and blogs 

The business now ranks for specific keywords in the first positions of the Google serp.

Case Study 3 | Leads and Sales Boost (B2C)

When Alessandro, ex Marketing Manager of the Company, have contacted us, Il Valutatore has just one website: nobody knew the brand and its service.

Alessandro asked to develop a step-by-step Digital Strategy, starting small.

Today Il Valutatore plays a very important role in Italy for what concerns the estimate of used cars and is doing adv on television.

+250% sessions to the website

1,30€ cost per Lead

+7.000 conversions/month

01. Keywords in top positions

The SEO strategy allowed us to:

  1. Improve better conversions rates
  2. Identify new users intents and create better content
02. Relevant decrease of the cost per Lead

We optimized the cost per conversion thanks to  successful Google Ads campaigns.

The cost per lead has decreased from 9,30€ of the previous year to 1,30€ thanks UX analysis, CRO analysis and SEO+Google Ads.

03. Growth of organic traffic

Sessions increased by 250% thanks Digital PR activities, SEO and On Site Optimization.