Content Marketing

Everything you do online deals with Content Marketing.

All your online business is based on the creation and promotion of content: articles, videos, images, infographics, podcasts. Content that has to be sponsored on your website, blog, newsletters, social networks and all your marketing channels.


An effective copy converts the user into a real client, pushes purchases on your ecommerce, encourages people who read your blog to ask for a quote.

To write good copy, you need to rely on professionals who knows how to write persuasive and performance-based content.

We create content with a data-driven approach.

Content Strategy

It’s the starting point: only after having created your Content Strategy, we’ll begin to work on formats and channels.

We need to fix goals, timing, budget, buyer personas, content plan, KPIs and metrics.


Content NOW” is the third book of Valentina Turchetti on Content Marketing.

Available on Amazon only in Italian.